Foundation Premium Package

Optimise Your Health and Reverse Your Nagging Symptoms In just 90 Days

Do you regularly experience fatigue and energy slumps, anxiety, overwhelm, low mood, brain fog and poor concentration, unrefreshing sleep, stubborn weight gain and digestive symptoms? Maybe it’s your hormones, food sensitivities or eating habits holding you back.

Would you love to feel energised and symptom free?


Introducing the FOUNDATION PACKAGE… a 

Using foundational health coaching and powerful lifestyle practices will take a look at your goals and make a personalised plan how to achieve total freedom from chronic symptoms.


  • Initial 75-minute assessment health coaching session
  • Six 50-minute follow-up coaching sessions
  • Variety of handouts, recipes and other materials
  • Email support between sessions
  • Special event like a health food store tour, label reading or cooking of your choice

If you’re tired of feeling stressed and exhausted and are ready to ditch old habits and feel energised and vibrant, apply for a complimentary 30 minute sessionWe’ll chat about your goals, what’s in your way of living a balanced life – and how you can finally get there.


Start to Optimise your health now!